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Damp Proofing Course

What is a Damp Proofing Course DPC?

Damp proofing course or DPC is a method used to prevent and stop walls becoming damp. Simply put, a DPC treatment or damp proof injection is applied to a property which will bridge the space between the wall and the moisture. This membrane will work to absorb the moisture and become a damp barrier to halt the moisture and stop it reoccurring.

Damp Proof Injection

A common issue we see is leaking water that gets into home cavities and penetrates through to the inner wall. To remedy this we do a damp proof injection. First, we drill a hole into the outside bricks of your property. Then we insert the damp proof injection chemical which is an expanding foam that soaks up the moisture and forms a waterproof membrane. The foam rises, usually to about a meter from the ground, as most of the problems are caused from the bottom part of a building.

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Every job is different, the source and severity of the dampness, the size of the building and material structure, so we provide a solution that’s right for your home. Dry Fast provide the best option and as a manufacturer of the tanking chemicals and supplier in Wales we know the right mix and combination to reliably eradicate your dampness which is why we fully guarantee all our work.

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