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Dry Fast are Newport and Aberdare damp proofing specialists covering Newport, Aberdare, Abertillery, Pontypool and the Gwent, Mid Glamorgan and South Wales Valleys regions.

If you've searched for damp proofing companies in Newport, Abertillery and Aberdare and want a local established specialist then you've come to the right place. As a Newport and Aberdare Damp Proofing company, we provide a variety of damp course treatments and injections. As damp proofer specialists' Dry Fast have seen and helped many local home owners, landlords and businesses remove dampness, moisture, dry rot and rising damp in Gwent and surrounding areas.

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Dry Fast can solve your damp treatment problem and we offer a Free Tanking Treatment waterproofer wall sealant coating on all our jobs.

Rising Damp Newport

Basement Tanking

Basements are the most likely rooms in any house to be affected by damp. This is because the room is below ground level so it's less likely to get much natural daylight and obviously heat rises so it is most likely to be the coldest room.

To solve the problem we use basement tanking. This is a method of lining the whole basement with an impenetrable waterproof jacket by coating the walls with a waterproof slurry application. However, for a longer lasting effect the basement can be lined with a membrane. Another method involves actually building a new cavity inner wall with waterproof board. To find the best method you might want to consider talking to a local professional Newport damp proofing specialist.

Damp Proof Specialists Newport

Having dampness, unpleasant smell, stains on your wall - need a local damp proof specialist to sort it out?

Perhaps you've tried airing your home and repainting the dampness but it just keeps returning and gets worse. Do you have dry wood rot or damp wood in your property? Perhaps you've replaced the wood and it's damp and rotting again. You need to find the route cause and take care of the moisture.

Damp can be caused for so many different reasons and can be a problem for buildings of any age. An experienced damp proofing specialist can detect and eradicate causes of dampness in your home or business before it takes hold and does costly damage unless it is properly treated.

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Causes of Dampness

We are a damp proofing Newport Specialist, or penetrating damp and condensation black mould.

As damp proof course specialists Newport covering Aberdare, Abertillery, Pontypool, Caldicot, Cwmbran and Caerleon in Gwent and Glamorgan. We've seen it all when it comes to damp and rot. Removing the moisture from your property is what Dry Fast specialise in. You may not realise that they have dampness and might be wondering why your wooden floor is rotting, we can identify if you have a damp issue.

There are lots of causes of dampness getting into your property. It could be from leaks, penetrating, rising damp to condensation.


Condensation damp causes dampness on both windows and walls. This type of damp problem causes an unsightly and unhealthy black mould to appear.

RISING DAMP Newport and Aberdare

This type of damp can cause damage to plaster and decay in skirting boards and timber flooding. The most effective method is to install a damp proof course or DPC. 

Rising damp Newport and Aberdare houses and businesses are unmissable because the rising moisture in the plaster and brickwork of the property will make paint and wallpaper literally peel from the walls. The water has originated from ground level, penetrated the outer and inner walls by breaching any damp proof course and will then continue to rise. It affect many floors or levels of a building and not just the ground floor.

Older buildings are more prone to rising damp simply because there's no damp proof course or the damp proof membrane was set too low. The most common cause of Newport and Aberdare rising damp in modern properties is from breaching the DPC level with soil or paving.


Water can find its way through the smallest of cracks or joints. Once it's found a way in to your home it can damage plaster and decay in skirting boards and timber flooding.

Newport and Aberdare Damp Proofers Cover

The treatment of rising damp and the identification and eradication of both dry and wet rot. We provide plastering or rendering and free tanking with liquid applied and sheet membrane systems. In-situ treatment of wood-boring beetles.

Damp Proofing Company in Newport and Aberdare

Now you've found us, what next? We are a local damp proofing company in Newport and Aberdare and are ready to help and identify the problem and provide the right Dry Fast solution offering you the very best value damp proofing in Newport and Aberdare. And remember we'll provide our free tanking solution with all our South Wales damp proofing. Find out more when you contact us.

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